Rec Sports seeks feedback on facilities

Photo by: Jeff Miller (link to original article)

October 22, 2012
Greg Bump, Inside UW-Madison

The Division of Recreational Sports is asking whether campus rec facilities, such as Camp Randall Sports Center (also known as the Shell), should be renovated or replaced.

The Division of Recreational Sports wants your feedback on its facilities and is gauging interest on whether they need to be renovated or replaced.

An online survey is just one of a number of upcoming opportunities to weigh in on Rec Sports. The survey asks questions regarding usage of facilities, what amenities would make people more likely to use the facilities, and what role Rec Sports’ programs and facilities play in the respondent’s UW experience.

“It is critically important for the division to engage all users in regards to the future of the Division of Recreational Sports,” says Director John Horn.

With aging facilities showing signs of wear and tear, and built before recent enrollment surges that are pushing the capacity of the buildings, Rec Sports needs the input for its plan for upgrades.

The newest of the campus’s recreational facilities is the South East Recreational Facility, or SERF, built in 1983. Nielsen Tennis Stadium was built in 1968, the Natatorium in 1964, and the Campus Recreational Sports Center, or Shell, was built in 1956.

“We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle at UW–Madison, and having modern and accessible recreational facilities is particularly important to that.”

Darrell Bazzell

The Shell was recently closed for more than a week due to damage caused by a ruptured water pipe.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Darrell Bazzell says feedback from campus users will be given significant weight as the master plan is developed.

“It’s clear we need to come up with a comprehensive plan that addresses the recreational needs of our campus community,” Bazzell says. “We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle at UW–Madison, and having modern and accessible recreational facilities is particularly important to that.”

“We are at a critical juncture in our history as a division and must complete and produce a plan that is representative of all user groups and supported on the campus,” Horn says. “This survey will just be one of many engagement opportunities for the university community and we fully intend to use these opportunities to propose the best possible scenario for all involved.”

Anyone interested in inviting a Rec Sports staff member to their group or organization’s meeting should to learn more about the project’s progress in detail and/or ask questions directly. Upcoming forums will be noted on the Rec Sports website and blog, which will be updated with articles, videos, pictures, etc., related to the facilities master plan.


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