Cancellations and Closures Frustrating for Students

Weather conditions can cause fields to become unusable even when it's not raining.
Weather conditions can cause fields to become unusable even when it’s not raining.

by Joey Weiss, Social Media Specialist for the Division of Recreational Sports

Every year, intramural games and club practices get cancelled due to weather and field conditions. Of the 90 games cancelled already this fall, 42 of them were due to saturated fields (12 of the 90 were cancelled due to an active shooter on campus, leaving only 36 of the games cancelled due to actual rain in the area). Our goal is for each intramural team to play its full slate of games each season, and we understand the frustrations these cancellations and closures cause for students.

Similarly, the Shell temporarily closed last month due to a ruptured pipe that caused flooding in the facility, forcing participants to relocate their workouts to different and sometimes inconveniently located facilities on campus.

Many of these issues could be solved with facility updates. We recognize that people are tired of missing games and that facility closures are inconvenient. We want to do everything we can to improve our participants’ Rec Sports experience.

Following are snapshots of conversations we have had with our participants on Twitter.

Many times IM games are cancelled not because it’s currently raining but because if we run games while the fields are wet, the fields get torn up and become unusable for the rest of the season.

Including both indoor and outdoor turf is one consideration of the facility master plan that could allow for more intramural games to be played.

The Shell’s issues are nothing new. Our facilities are no less than 30 years old and are in need of repair due to their age. We don’t want you to miss your workouts because our buildings are breaking down.

We want to make sure that you can continue to stay fit and healthy without ruptured pipes and bad fields impacting your experience at UW-Madison.

You can do something about this. You can sign an upcoming petition to bring the Rec Sports Facility Master Plan to Referendum (campus vote) in Spring 2014. You can play a role in activating campus by joining the Badgers for Recreational Reform student organization. Finally, you can vote in favor of new/renovated facilities for all of the future Badgers who deserve the best experience possible. Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Cancellations and Closures Frustrating for Students

    1. Courts 3 and 4 are closed indefinitely at this point, most likely through the spring semester. We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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