Natatorium changes may be reduced in rec sports plan

Click here to read the article on the Daily Cardinal page.
Click here to read the article on the Daily Cardinal page.
November 03, 2013 11:48 pm  •  The Daily Cardinal

A plan to revamp recreational sports may include downsized changes to the Natatorium in response to student feedback.

In an email sent to shared governance committee members Sunday, Rec Sports Director John Horn said in gathering student feedback on the Master Plan he found many were “engaged and supportive” of updating the SERF but voiced concerns over the size of the proposed Natatorium changes and the costs involved.

The multimillion dollar Master Plan would renovate existing recreational facilities and would be funded at least in part by segregated fees paid by students as part of their tuition.

A new proposal under consideration would reduce the scope of the Natatorium’s renovations by cutting the number of courts from 16 to 12, cutting fitness space in half and removing a third of the multipurpose rooms, Horn said in the email.

Rec Sports gathered feedback by hosting presentations and meeting with students asking for comments in a campuswide survey, which had 2,600 responses.

Click here to read how Rec Sports is addressing other questions and feedback from students.

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