Rec Sports Open Forums

openforum_carouselRec Sports is hosting two open forums to share information, show images, and answer questions about the Facilities Master Plan. These are free and open to the public — both forums will cover the same information so students don’t need to worry about missing out if they can only make it to one location.

Rec Sports is committed to educating students and campus about the current facility situation and engaging them in conversations while also providing opportunities for students to ask questions of the professional staff. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to be involved in the process.

Tuesday, December 10th
Lake Mendota Room at Dejope Hall

Thursday, December 12th
Overture Room at Gordon Commons

5 Replies to “Rec Sports Open Forums”

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  2. As a consistent user of Nielsen, please consider parking issues in your planning, especially with the nursing school demands about to become part of the challenge there. This facility would be used even more and bring in more income (league play, children’s lessons, etc.) if the parking better met the needs of people wanting to use Nielsen—and not have people join Powless or Cherokee. Thank you.

    1. We are working with Facilities Planning & Management and UW Transportation Services to provide increased parking in the Nielsen area of campus. We will continue to have these conversations as we move forward with our Master Plan. We understand parking is a critical service to provide in order to attract users to our facilities. Thanks, Cathy.

  3. Given the cost of these upgrades, the need for them, and the desire to offset future seg fee increases, I would strongly encourage allowing UW alumni/UW union members to purchase memberships. Currently only the badly outdated Shell allows alums that aren’t partners of current students to buy memberships.

    Opening up the possibility of use to alumni would boost both donation fundraising potential and offset operating costs. It would also give current students something to look forward to in the facilities.

    1. Peter, it’s like you’re reading our minds! We 100% agree. With larger facilities, we will be able to open up our membership opportunities and are actually already pursuing those at this time. You can expect an increase in our member services at all facilities should this Master Plan pass. Additionally, we will be offering a limited number of alumni memberships in Spring 2014. Thanks for sharing!

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