SERF concept images revealed

Estimated project completion date: Summer 2019

The following images are conceptual in nature and the layout of the new SERF could change throughout the design process. More detailed images of the facility will be released at the beginning of the second semester. Please check back in January for updates!

The new SERF will include the following features and amenities:

  • 3 times more fitness space
  • 9 basketball/volleyball/badminton courts (up from 4 regulation-sized courts)
  • 9 multipurpose rooms (up from 1 multipurpose room)
  • 6 racquetball courts
  • 7 laps per mile on a new indoor track
  • 1 wellness suite
  • Existing 50-meter pool


3 thoughts on “SERF concept images revealed

  1. Im not sure that I like how so much of the building has all the “open to below” space. Couldnt that open area be used to get more square footage? On the inside part of the track where it is currently “open to below” couldnt some type of floor be put there. The space could be used as another court of some type, or more cardio equipment or weights?

    1. I also notice that not very much space is given for strength and weights. Weights are becoming much more popular and I expect the popularity to only go up. All the courts are nice but a game of basketball isnt exactly the same type of workout as an elliptical followed by a circuit training session on the weights. I rarely go in the weight room now because the equipment is almost always in use.

      1. The images you see are concepts and not concrete designs. Between the Nat and the SERF, we are adding a significant amount of fitness square footage (3 times what we currently have at the SERF and 7 times what we currently have at the Nat). If you are referring to the layout plans, any area that is green is conceptually designated for fitness. Cardio/selectorized space could very well also be strength space. Does this make sense? Please let us know if we can help clarify other questions for you.

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