Chancellor Rebecca Blank comments on campus recreation

from Blank’s Slate Proposed improvements in our Recreational Sports facilities Posted on February 24, 2014 by Chancellor Blank Students at UW–Madison will face a very important question in the ASM spring elections. The ballot for the elections, held March 3-5, will include a referendum question about whether to fund a comprehensive renovation of our campus recreational facilities. The […]

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Response to email questions about Athletics and the referendum

The Division of Recreational Sports and the UW Athletic Department are two separately managed units at UW-Madison. Though they share some facility space, they do not share budgets, revenue streams, or other funding sources. If students choose to vote against the Master Plan, this result will have no impact on UW Athletics’ contribution to any Rec Sports […]

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Wellness and the Master Plan

The Master Plan includes a wellness suite at both the SERF and Natatorium. These sites would take a holistic approach to enhancing the UW-Madison experience, addressing the full spectrum of wellness dimensions including: Environmental Financial Physical Emotional & Mental Social With additional space in the Master Plan, Rec Sports would be able to offer wellness programs […]

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Rec Sports explains students’ voting options (YES vs. NO) for the Master Plan

On March 3-5, students will have the opportunity to vote online in the ASM Spring Elections on the Rec Sports Master Plan. The vote will be included as a referendum on the student government ballot. Students may choose whether they support the Rec Sports Master Plan (with a YES vote) for new facilities or not (with a NO vote*).  […]

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Sustainability a priority in Rec Sports Master Plan

Throughout the Master Plan process Rec Sports has placed an emphasis on creating a plan that prioritizes sustainability at each facility. While the Master Plan asks students to support an increase in segregated fees, new facilities would be more energy-efficient and cost-effective than the current facilities (even after substantial repairs and maintenance projects). The United […]

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Rec Sports announces alternative workout sites during Master Plan construction

2017-2019 (SERF under construction) Ogg Hall Main Lounge Available to all eligible Rec Sports users Fitness space created for cardio, strength and free weight equipment Gordon Dining & Event Center Potential for some group fitness classes 2019-2021 (Natatorium under construction) Frank Holt Center  Dejope Residence Hall Study Areas Eagle Heights Community Center Please Note:  Use of […]

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