Clarifications to concerns about environmental impact of Master Plan

Near East Fields concept
Near East Fields concept

Rec Sports has heard several questions and concerns about the environmental impact of the Master Plan. An article in The Badger Herald yesterday focused on some of these concerns and the Division has addressed these issues below:

  • As a steward of students’ money, Rec Sports does not intend to spend students’ money on a project that students have not yet approved (students will vote on the Master Plan in the ASM Spring Elections on March 3-5)
  • The campus and Rec Sports share the concerns about the environmental impact and will not move any plans forward that would be harmful to the environment
  • The campus is working with the state to initiate an environmental impact study and that, should the referendum pass, these assessments are predicted to be released yet this semester
  • The impact studies will guide all design and construction plans – any images and plans are conceptual and “best case scenario” for the recreational programming needs of campus, but Rec Sports is willing to be flexible in plans based on the study results
  • The University Bay Fields are not included in the student vote in March and no funding is available to begin this project – images and plans that have been posted are conceptual and not formal design
  • The alternative to passing the Master Plan in the March vote indicates an increase in segregated fees and less cost-effective, energy-efficient facilities

Click here for more information about the sustainability of the proposed new facilities in the Rec Sports Master Plan.

2 Replies to “Clarifications to concerns about environmental impact of Master Plan”

  1. Olivia, I have contacted you to try and set up a meeting so we could define the process and we will once again try to do so on this post. The referendum does not guarantee the project moves forward. It is just the first step in showing there is funding support for the projects. Rec Sports will still have to gain approval to the Board of Regents, and the State Division of Facility Development and Department of Administration. The Environmental impact assessments are scheduled to be completed immediately after the referendum (if it passes) and before any other approvals, as we do not have any approved funding to do these studies. We have shared this very transparently with your Student Government, and they understand…Why spend a lot of student money on environmental assessments for a project that doesn’t even exist? Once these assessments are completed, THEN we move forward for further approvals. We do not even start the formal design of any of the facilities until all of the approvals are met, and the environmental impact studies will certainly guide us through design. Should the referendum pass, students will have every opportunity to be involved in the design process across the facilities. I assure you that sustainability AND environmental sensitivity will be a consistent theme in this plan. I would welcome a meeting with you if you wish to meet face to face so we can further clarify the formal process.

    John Horn, Director, Rec Sports

  2. Thank you for addressing some of the concerns about the environmental impact of this plan. Why would an environmental impact assessment not be made available prior to a student vote? This information should be made available to students prior to voting so that we can make an informed decision. Once we agree to fund the master plan, will we be given another opportunity to vote on the specifics prior to construction?

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