Kinesiology & Occupational Therapy benefits of Master Plan

Natatorium exterior concept, including east wing dedicated to Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy
Natatorium exterior concept, including east wing dedicated to Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy.

With support of the Master Plan, the Kinesiology department will remain at the Natatorium with expanded space for its programs and instruction. Please keep in mind that student segregated fees will not be used to fund the Kinesiology spaces. Here are some of the plans for the academic portion at the Natatorium:

  •  A single location for all Kinesiology programs, including Occupational Therapy, for the first time ever
  • An east wing of the Natatorium dedicated to Kinesiology and instructional space that is physically and acoustically separated from Rec Sports activity spaces
  • A ground floor reception area for Kinesiology
  • A large, common lobby to connect Kinesiology to Rec Sports spaces in the west wing
  • A collaborative wellness suite on the ground floor to promote health and wellness for anyone on campus
  • Nearly double the amount of classroom and instructional lab spaces, with a focus on active learning, flexibility, and technology
  • Additional fitness spaces, including adapted, cardio/strength, and multipurpose areas to better meet instructional needs and capacity
  • Approximately 50% more research space, including wet labs and activity areas
  • Additional office space for faculty, staff,  and teaching assistants primarily along the east edge of the building
  • Recovered space at Lathrop Hall for Dance and School of Education use

The School of Education will work with campus to establish alternative office, classroom, and lab locations during construction. More information will be made available pending the results of the vote in March.


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