Athletics speaks out on financial contribution to campus

In the days leading up to the referendum, much talk has surfaced regarding Athletics’ contribution to the Master Plan and to campus in general. The Athletics Department shed some light on the financial support it provides to campus in this article from The Cap Times.

Rec Sports reminds students of the following facts related to voting on the Master Plan:

  • Voting against the plan will not result in other sources fully funding the project
  • The $97 million Rec Sports has secured from gifts (via the UW Foundation), Athletics, the State, and program revenue is a minimum contribution that could potentially increase if the Master Plan is approved
  • The $97 million will not be applied toward repairing the existing facilities should students vote to not support the Master Plan
  • Students are being asked to vote on how seg fees are most responsibly spent — on repairing existing facilities (vote NO) or on building new facilities (vote YES)

Voting closes at 5pm on Wednesday, March 5. Visit to make your voice heard.

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