Since You’ve Been Gone…

Director John Horn recently presented an update on the Master Plan to the Student Services Financial Committee. Both the Badger Herald and Daily Cardinal covered the presentation on September 16, 2014.

While students were away for the summer, Rec Sports made steady progress on the approval of the Master Plan.

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved the Near West Playfield project in August. The selection process for an architect and engineer for this project is currently underway and once solidified, a formal design phase will begin.

Rec Sports presents the SERF project to the UW Board of Regents in December 2014 and has engaged several consultants to prepare a facility analysis report for that presentation. A project architect and engineer will be selected barring approval from the Board of Regents this winter.

Students will continue to be engaged in conversations related to new facilities, and Rec Sports is working with the Associated Students of Madison to form a student committee that will advise the Division and serve as a liaison to campus. A student committee composed of Rec Sports student staff and student members will serve a similar function throughout the design and construction process. Students will be invited to attend several site visits at other universities over the course of the project and will be encouraged to participate in design discussions.

If you are interested in serving on a student committee related to the Master Plan, please email Alex Peirce at


2 thoughts on “Since You’ve Been Gone…

  1. When construction began on the near west fields they ripped out the monkey bars (horizontal overhead ladder for strength workouts) which were part of the outdoor fitness trail. It doesn’t look like they actually needed to be removed since they were quite close to the lake-shore path and outside of the actual field construction. They are an inexpensive but useful piece of equipment so please consider putting in a new set.

    Also please keep maintaining the parallel bars at the entrance to picnic point.

    Additional outdoor equipment that you should consider adding are a set of rings (metal rings + chain), a low horizontal bar (about 4- 5 feet off ground) and a higher horizontal bar. These are all standards for outdoor play and conditioning.
    In summary:
    Horizontal Bars (replace the ones you removed)
    Parallel bars (keep the set at picnic point)
    Ring set (hi and low)
    Horizontal bars (Hi and low)

    You might consider clustering everything in the same place, perhaps near the already existant parallel bar set.

    If you need advice on installation, materials and specs please feel free to contact me. I am a Mechanical Engineer, gymnast, and current special student at UW.

    If this is not the proper site to send this message, please let me know whom to contact or please orward to the appropriate persons.

    Thanks for listening,
    Tom Taagen

    1. Thanks, Tom! I am sending you an email. We do not maintain that equipment but I know there has been discussion about moving some of the equipment near the Cole Beach volleyball courts.

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