Think Big: What does the future of recreation look like at Wisconsin?

IMG_2755The last time the architects for the new SERF were on campus (psst… in case you missed it, those firms are HOK and Workshop Architects), they chatted with several groups of students about the project. Members of student government and Badgers for Recreational Reform – a student organization formed in Fall 2013 – were given the opportunity to share their thoughts about the current SERF and what features are most desired in a new facility.

The architects asked students the following questions:

  • What is the current situation on campus?
  • What should we take into consideration, from your perspective?
  • What do you care about when designing the new facility?

Here’s what students said about the current facility and culture on campus:

  • “The space feels very closed off”
  • “There’s no space between [basketball] courts”
  • “Lack of space to work out”
  • “Extremely packed”
  • “Some girls don’t feel welcome in the weight room”
  • “It feels like a dungeon”
  • “I used to play volleyball, now I don’t even try”
  • “Sometimes we have to turn people away from Group Fitness classes”
  • “We have all four seasons here in Wisconsin, and we’re in shorts when [the temperature] hits 40”
  • “There’s a huge cycling community here”

…and here are some of the things students said they care about in the new facility: 

HOK architects use blocks to demonstrate possible layouts for the new SERF facility.
  • Bigger, better space
  • Windows and daylight
  • Versatility
  • More fitness space
  • Restrooms on every floor
  • Better “flow” to the building
  • Should feel like you’re at Wisconsin
  • Make it the new “hub” on campus
  • Capture the students’ energy and love of being outside
  • Space for straight-away [runs] and sprints
  • Indoor turf
  • Drop-down batting cages

What would YOU have said if you were in the meeting?

We suspect that other students have similar thoughts and feelings about the current SERF, and there may be even more things that you’d like us to consider in the new facility. We encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. We’d love to get your feedback, especially regarding your vision for the future of recreation at Wisconsin.

Think Big(ger).

If you would like to play a larger role in this process, please consider joining our Think Big Member Panel. With only a few spaces left, we are specifically looking for “open rec” participants in aquatics, fitness, basketball, Futsal, badminton, or volleyball.

As a member of this group, you will be invited to view images of the new facilities before the rest of campus and give more focused feedback on all aspects of Rec Sports.Click here for more information about joining.

4 Replies to “Think Big: What does the future of recreation look like at Wisconsin?”

  1. If your facilities are going to be appealing and competitive with local clubs around town, please make sure to also include faculty and staff in your design process. If you want us to continue our memberships, our opinions count too!

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