New Year, New SERF Designs.

Who else is excited?!

These exterior renderings are the result of several feedback sessions with our design firm, students, members, faculty, staff, and the community.  Every aspect of the new building has been carefully considered, with an end goal of creating a world-class facility. Let’s break it down:

  • Conscious About Colors: The new SERF isn’t just a gym. We’re building a student life facility. We’re building a campus hub to better serve our students and community. We’re building the future of recreational wellness at UW. You’ll notice the warm, inviting tones of the new building: the brown and the grey, which match the exteriors of our neighbors, the Kohl Center, LaBahn Arena, and Ogg Hall. We’ve also included wood paneling underneath roof overhangs to complement similar elements found in Gordon Commons. With these design plans, the new SERF will fit right in with the rest of the Southeast Neighborhood.

2016-12-14 SERF Images_Page_4.png

  • No More Dungeon: It’s no secret. The current SERF has very few windows. When we asked students what they wanted in a new facility, the second-most-popular answer was more natural light. (Expanded fitness space was #1). As you can see, the bank of floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of the building as well as around the running track will accomplish just that. Looking from the East, you can see a two-story multipurpose room on the corner of the building, with two walls of full floor-to-ceiling windows. Imagine one of our Mind-Body Studio yoga classes in there!

2016-12-14 SERF Images_Page_3.png

  • Cardio With a View: When it comes to views, Madison has some of the best. In designing the new SERF, we wanted to take advantage of the downtown skyline, specifically the Capitol and lakes so close to campus. While you’re logging miles on the running track at the top of the building, you’ll be able to enjoy picture-perfect views from every angle through floor-to-ceiling windows. (So when it’s 30 below in the dead of winter, you can at least pretend you’re running outdoors.)
  • It’s All in the Details: Looking from the West, you’ll notice a red line going across the side and front of the building. That red line is the new running track, and that incline is a sprint ramp. Participants will be able to go from a functional training zone with turf and equipment on one level up the ramp and onto the track. We wanted to incorporate a pop of color in the design and ensure that when people walk by the new building, they’ll be able to see activity, life, and other people working out.

2016-12-14 SERF Images_Page_1.png

  • Warm Welcome: The entrance to the new SERF will move West from its previous position to be centered off of East Campus Mall, a main campus thoroughfare. It will feature a large, open welcome area with plenty of space. No more waiting out in the cold to swipe your Wiscard!

Moving forward, the next step in the process will be to set a preliminary budget for the new building and review the cost based on this design. (Keep in mind, what you see in these pictures depends on that budget.) Yes, that means it all could change. But as we continue to move forward with this project, one thing that won’t change is our commitment to involving our students and other members in the process.

Interested in sharing your opinion? Check out our Think Big Member Panel or comment below!

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