VOTE March 3-5 on the Rec Sports Master Plan

Dear UW-Madison students,

On March 3-5, all currently enrolled UW-Madison students will have the opportunity to vote on the Rec Sports Master Plan in the ASM Spring Elections. You will receive an email from ASM to vote or you can vote online at Please make sure you are educated about your voting options:


Rec Sports’ mission is to enhance the UW-Madison experience by providing top-quality programs, services, and facilities. We recognize that your campus experience extends beyond the classroom or office and includes the teams you cheer for, the places you eat, the friends you make, and the way you stay healthy and active. Please take the time to educate yourself about your voting options on the Rec Sports Master Plan so that together we can create the best possible future for this great university.

On, Wisconsin!

Your Division of Recreational Sports


94 thoughts on “VOTE March 3-5 on the Rec Sports Master Plan

  1. This vote is a scam because regardless of how we vote, students will end up responsible for footing a bill. Our rec facilities are more than adequate and before they are updated, I would like to see and increase in TA salaries and improvements to the classroom. This university achieved its status through its strong academics – which are the purpose of a college, not its rec facilities. This move cheapens the prestige of this university as an institute of learning. Moreover, this vote, which leaves students with not choice but to accept a tuition increase, is highly damaging to the many students who pay for their own college. However you want to look at it, an increase of around $100 can be the reason why a student can’t afford textbooks, or has to take extra shifts at work that they can’t handle for more money. It may not seem like a lot of money to the university staff, but for students and families struggling to afford college, this is an unnecessary and damaging proposal. Whether or not this gets voted in, you are screwing over the student population.

    1. Elizabeth, thank you for your comments. As you know, the voting closed yesterday at 5pm and the results show that a majority of students who voted support the plan moving forward. We want to remind you that the $108 increase in seg fees is a maximum and that additional financial support may become available to lessen students’ contribution. Please continue to stay educated and engaged as the journey continues.

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