Facility Comparison

Watch the video below for a look at how UW-Madison’s recreational facilities compare to others in the Big Ten.

Recreational facilities and programs play a major role in student recruitment and retention, not to mention academic performance and overall satisfaction. When it comes to fitness square footage, UW-Madison falls behind its peers in the Big Ten:



3 thoughts on “Facility Comparison

  1. I agree with Dan. Lets get some real stats out of Rec Sports.

    Also, it is utterly ridiculous that this video starts with “common space.” We just built a new Union South and are in the process of renovating Memorial Union. We don’t need more common space. Build a utilitarian gym without the fancy lobbies and couches. What’s so hard about that RecSports? We don’t need a professional spa, we need more room in the weight rooms, more track space, more cardio, who cares about the rest. Get your priorities straight and come back next year with a better plan.

    Vote No.

    1. Patrick, we are listening to your feedback. You are not the first person to suggest less lobby/common space and should the referendum pass, Rec Sports will factor these conerns into the formal design process. The video has included ideas from other universities to educate students about possible options that may be considered for design. There have never been plans for a professional spa. Rec Sports has prioritized more fitness space (cardio + strength) by expanding these areas in both facilities. A track has been included in the plans for the Natatorium, and a larger track is in the plans for the SERF as you mentioned. You can read about other plans here: https://uwmadisonrecsports.wordpress.com/about-the-plan/.

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