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  1. Any chance one or both of the rec pools could use saltwater instead of the existing chlorination system? Would be better from an environmental/health/safety perspective.

  2. I feel like it is widely unfair that the UW swimmers and divers will not have a place to practice or compete with the new Nat and SERF plans. I believe in the referendum and that the facilities need to be re-done and updated. However, as was stated in the master plan, there is no additional funding to have a competition pool. I do not understand how the swimmers and divers will have a competition pool and diving well if the current plan stands. I think the plan must be modified and additional funding found to maintain a D1 swim and dive program. I am sure there are multiple resource pools to invest and donate the money for a competition pool/diving well. Students specifically pick UW-Madison for the swim program, and to simply eliminate this program is a flaw in the plan.

    1. Allie, the plan does not currently include a competition pool because there is not enough funding at this time. Should the resources you mentioned provide the necessary funding before SERF construction would begin in 2017, a competition pool would be reincorporated into the plans. There has been no mention of the program being eliminated.

      More details can be found here:

  3. I understand that if the proposal passes there will be badminton courts in the new facility, and when the facility is built it will also be with badminton in mind (no windows, no excess wind from air exchange, high ceilings, etc.)

    We currently have up to 12 badminton courts available, with 9 courts typically in use at least during and around club time and on Sundays. With 9 courts not infrequently people wait to get on court.

    I have two questions:

    1) For how long time would badminton be unavailable in either the old or the new Nat?

    2) In this interim period, how many courts would be available on a daily basis or during club time? Where would badminton be played?

    Thank you.

    1. The project timeline can be found here: The Natatorium construction is estimated to last about two years; however, the new SERF would be completed at that time and could accommodate a variety of activities and sports. Rec Sports will continue to work with clubs and student organizations to accommodate each group’s schedule requests, asking that students be understanding and flexible with potential scheduling limitations during period of construction.

  4. I’ve heard that there might be common areas included in the new buildings. I think a small cafe or something to buy a quick drink or protein bar would be great, but otherwise common areas would not be used. I know of other schools that built those sorts of facilities and they are barely used at all.

    1. Julia, thank you so much for your feedback. This is a common suggestion we see on the blog, so we will definitely be taking this into serious consideration if the referendum passes. We appreicate the feedback and will continue to ask for student input pending students’ voting results this week. If you’re a student and would like to cast your vote, please visit

    1. Are you referring to Cole Beach or the Nielsen Tennis Stadium courts? (Note that neither of these facilities are included in the referendum or voting, but we can still try to answer your question). 🙂

    1. During SERF construction: Ogg Hall will house fitness equipment (cardio, strength, and free weights) and Gordon Commons will provide additional programming space. The Nat and Shell will also be open to serve campus. Rec Sports is pursuing a few other options and will announce any updates should more space become available.

      During Nat construction: Holt Commons and Eagle Heights Community Center will be available, along with the new SERF.

    1. Rec Sports and Athletics are two separately managed departments at UW-Madison. Any increases in Athletics pricing is distinct from recreational programming and services.

  5. I am personally frustrated that we have waited this long to address this issue. The facilities are terrible; there is hardly enough equipment to meet the needs of our students. I cannot see the current fitness areas lasting, in some cases, 8 years until the plan is completed. Although I support the design of the future rec facilities, I do not think that the time table is appropriate- I want to benefit from the new areas before I graduate.

    1. Thanks for your support, Morgan. We wish we could make that happen for you (as long as the students support the Master Plan in March); however, with design and construction, there is always going to be a gap between gaining funding approval and opening the doors on a new facility. Please note that as an alum, you would be able to purchase a membership. We hope you will share your enthusiasm and support with others so that future Badgers can have a better experience.

  6. Can they actually fit all of the cardio and weight room equipment into ogg & smith from the serf? Also, will all the facilities be taken down at the same time? Specifically, what is happening to the stuff at the natatorium?

    1. Sara, the amount of space at Ogg is actually slightly bigger than the cumulative amount of fitness (cardio + strength) space we currently offer at the SERF. So that should tell you something about the need for more space in our facilities! 🙂 The facilities will not all be down at the same time. Here’s a look at the project timeline: I’m not sure I understand your question about the “stuff at the Natatorium”, but while that facility is under construction, we will have other locations available for use as well. Holt Commons and Eagle Heights Community Center have already been confirmed, and we are continuing to look at additional options for that period of time. Of course, the new SERF would also be available for use. I hope this answers your questions — please let us know if you have other concerns.

  7. I’m a little confused why we are throwing money in to the rec sport facilities when the plan for the Chemistry Building with its outdated, cramped and borderline dangerous lab facilities that are used by just about every science or engineering major has not even yet been funded. Sports facilities are nice but this a university, not a gym and necessary upgrades should first be made to academic areas. When I toured as an admitted but not enrolled student, I did not look at the gyms. I did look however look at where I would be having class. When I saw how outdated the chemistry building was I almost considered not going to this school. Too many of the recent projects have focused upgrades that provide only marginal return (Memorial Union comes to mind). I think the focus should be on where we can get the most for our money. Right now rec sports does not seem to be that place. If making new facilities for rec sports saved us money in the long run (if repairs were more expensive) then I could get behind this project but as it is I think we need to prioritize.

    1. Chris, academic buildings are not funded by students whereas auxiliary units such as Rec Sports, the Union, UHS, transportation, etc. rely at least in part on segregated fees.

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