Get Involved

Invite a Rec Sports staff member to speak to your group or organization! Email to schedule your meeting.

Join the student organization Badgers for Recreational Reform.

Vote in the Spring 2014 Referendum March 3-5 (students only).


7 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. I am a student and fully support the plan. I am embarrassed to show my friends at other universities our athletic facilities (especially at Minnesota with their new RecWell center!!). Our facilities are extremely outdated and overcrowded. This is an opportunity to change our campus for future badgers and make their time at UW even better. On Wisconsin!

  2. Thank you for your comment. It sounds like you are referring to the University Bay fields, which will not be included in the students’ vote. The students will vote to support changes at the SERF, Natatorium, and Near East & Near West Fields. Rec Sports is seeking private funding for the University Bay Fields.

  3. This is a horrible plan. This area should not be developed. It should be maintained as a wetland and nature conservancy science and water open educational learning center. This is the only open area in what has become a concrete jungle of high density medical complex buildings. Temporary parking on University bay drive should be eliminated and those spaces along University Bay Drive from Marsh Lane to Picnic point should be dedicated to a permanent bike and walking to extend and enhance the existing picnic point and campus bike and walking paths. No! No! No! To the atrocious development!!

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