VOTE_blogimageAre you wondering how to vote on the Rec Sports Master Plan and upcoming student elections?  Here’s your guide to the voting process:

Who can vote?
Any student enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the term in which the election takes place. Enrollment shall be determined by the Office of the Registrar.

When can I vote?
Voting will be open from 8am on March 3 through 5pm on March 5.

How do I vote?
Vote online via the link emailed to you by ASM (or you can check our Facebook and Twitter during the week of March 3). The Master Plan will be the final option on the ballot. 

Can I vote more than once?
No. Eligible voters may cast only one ballot.

What are my options to vote?
Vote YES for new facilities. More space. Seg fees increase as facilities open. Maximum seg fee of $144.78/semester for new SERF, Natatorium, and Near East & Near West playfields.

Vote NO (or don’t vote) to keep existing facilities. No new space. Seg fees increase effective immediately. Minimum seg fee of $83.56/semester to return SERF and Natatorium to 1983 and 1964 standards, respectively.

Click here to read more about what a YES vote means and what a NO vote (or a non-vote) means. 

Why should I vote?
Your vote has a direct impact on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and overall experience. Your vote — regardless of your opinions about the Master Plan — will affect future Badgers who come after you. You are encouraged to take ownership of your college experience  and exercise your right to vote on March 3-5.

For more information regarding elections, visit the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) website at



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